Jaclyn Braund

'Blank Canvas - Know Your Soul to Discover Your Sole Purpose'

This book, no matter how much you read of it, will illuminate your own life path. The insightful concepts Jaclyn shares, in every form, will light your light, and bring life to the myriad of your possibilities. This intuitive journey will add constructively to your toolbox to clear the path, and build a truly treasured existence.

Is your mind too full to do mindfulness?

There is a solution that is better than watching funny cat videos.

Finding it difficult to cope with everyday situations, and having the desire to escape, is far too common. The feeling of being stuck in the comfort zone and surviving the daily grind can be a suffocating experience. Creating the plan is one thing, but taking that first step is hard. And how do you even know if you are on the right track anyway?

There is no need to escape society and run off to a mountain, you know it, deep inside. That is why you have already explored manifesting; you know that you totally deserve to flourish. You have the desires that are flashing frequently in your mind's eye, but there is something invisible deep inside, like a glass wall, holding you hostage. You know that you have to facilitate the next step to free yourself, so how do you get clarity to know that you are on the right path? This journey you don’t have to do alone. Help with creating an achievable action plan will be the best investment you make.

‘Blank Canvas’ is here to answer your call for help. You have found your companion, your personal sidekick to manifest the thriving life that you know, deep in your soul, is possible. You are whole and complete already, and what life has thrown at you has tarnished the shine that you know is there.

Jaclyn shares a unique style of self-exploration tools to clear internal barriers and dissolve the walls that hold you captive. This book is a practical guide to get to know yourself, connect to a better life and give you the tools you need to truly love and appreciate what you are creating. This enables you to genuinely manifest from the place of alignment with your authenticity. ‘Blank Canvas’ is a fresh new perspective stretch, like yoga for the mind, to eliminate everything that you are not, to polish your soul and truly discover what shines in you.

From the hard-core reality of being a Paramedic to the infinite potentiality of discovering the Paranormal, this book will explore areas of life outside the box, beyond the realm of the conventional system, where most fear to tread.

Often described as multi-dimensional, Jaclyn plays in the realm of miracles. She eternally surprises those who are blessed to play in the Imaginarium with her precision. You too will be able to eliminate negative emotions such as fear, sadness, and anger to then engage in creatively planning a flourishing life to your design.

This book will playfully disrupt ingrained patterns of thinking and dissolve walls, so that you can view the whole picture with a 360-degree perspective and make the most efficient choices. Jaclyn has written this book to be your companion, a friend who is available to consult, anytime, even at 3 in the morning.  Not only are the tools she provides great teachings of an illuminating nature, they also provide the practical ‘How To’ steps so you can easily apply it to your life and effortlessly manifest your dreams into reality. It’s time to stop walking around with a tiny flashlight and shine some real clarity on your path.

On a mission to create an abundantly grateful and symbiotic social dynamic, Jaclyn lives by the deceivingly simple, yet profoundly powerful philosophy; “If I am grateful, it exists in my world, and this joy is eternally shared”.

Shared in this book are...

  • New concepts to explore and play with in your imagination to illuminate possibilities that are outside of you current thinking.
  • Personal development meditations to learn that guide you towards a more intimate knowledge of yourself
  • Exercises to apply to your personal life that will help you efficiently refine the direction you choose and bring clarity to the next achievable step.
  • Stories to share with others, including children that make the concepts easy to understand and demonstrate how they can be applied to everyday life.
  • An intuitive system that is automated so you get your life back, and move forward freely.



About the Author 


From the hardcore reality of being a Paramedic to the infinite potentiality of discovering the Paranormal, Jaclyn has explored areas of life outside the box, where others fear to tread.  

Jaclyn Braund
Author & Kinesiologist

Often described as multi-dimensional, Jaclyn plays in the realm of miracles and eternally surprises those who are blessed to play in the Imaginarium
Having a chat with Jaclyn F. Braund is not your average conversation. Somehow, in just a short interaction, this internationally respected expert in guiding people to get to know themselves, has a way of transforming the impossible to possible. 
Growing up in an environment that was a desert for wealth and an abundance of resistant attitudes, she knew there had to be an oasis holding the flourishing fruits of life. Jaclyn tenaciously explored, especially that which was mostly overlooked, and had a sense of urgency to bring the translation of this to you in a time-efficient manner. 

A seeker of truth and self-awareness, Jaclyn has a strong focus on energetic direction. She is loyal to her purpose of truly living. She is courageous in her ability to dig deep and listen with every sense that is accessible. 

Jaclyn’s clients often regard her as ‘The Combobulator’; a practitioner and friend who provides a sense of really feeling you have been heard and understood, a rarity in many industries. She has a unique ability to use her imagination to think a few moves ahead. As such, during her 10 years as a Paramedic in the Emergency Services, Jaclyn could see that the greatest reason for emergency and dis-ease is a scarcity mentality plaguing society. It is the denial of the present time truth, which created a great deal of stress on individuals. This discombobulating stress then rippled out to the family, work, and community taking on a life of its own where no one seemed to be responsible or accountable. Making a choice to unlearn the limitations of low socio-economic, cultural, sectarian, and time-wasting attitudes, Jaclyn embarked on a journey of what else is possible. 

Pursuing modalities that would assist her to be a master translator and communicator at all levels, she explored many wholistic modalities and forward thinking healing methods. These included Kinesiology, Meditation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Access Consciousness® Bars, Alpha Dynamic, Ho'oponopono, Masterminding, Holistic Life Coaching, The Form, Reiki, Time Line Therapy®, Pranic Healing®, Yoga, Qi Gong, Networking events, World travel, and many, many more personal development studies and competitive events. 

With a strong value in connections; internal connections; physical connections throughout the body; connections to others; connections to the environment; interactive connections; and a connection to what she does.

Her intentional mindset naturally puts all the pieces together. She knows how to guide you to clear out any resistance or distractions so that you are able to organically take responsibility and easily bring the imagined potentiality into a fully manifested reality. 

As an individual, who is the most important keystone at the beginning of a greater movement of a flourishing society, she acknowledges every person for their greatness and has a way of illuminating the significance of the role each person plays to contribute towards a thriving collective. 

Regardless of what life throws at her, Jaclyn is resilient. She is very loving and caring, and her sweetly driven nature evokes inspiration from the depths of your being. Often described as a Lighthouse, a Bright Earth Angel Embodied Goddess, she is a sentient healer, an amazing, beautiful soul that exudes a sense of calm. 

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